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Delta Gamma Mission Statement

Delta Gamma offers to women of all ages a rich heritage based on principles of personal integrity, personal responsibility and intellectual honesty. Its primary purpose is to foster high ideals of friendship, promote educational and cultural interests, create a true sense of social responsibility, and develop the finest qualities of character.

A Welcome to Parents

Welcome to the Delta Gamma family. As a member of our Fraternity, your daughter is joining an organization dedicated to promoting high ideals of friendship, educational and cultural interests, a true sense of social responsibility and developing the best qualities of character.
We invite you to learn more about Delta Gamma's history and founding at Our Story and to flip through the Parent Guide below. It will introduce you to resources and information that will help you better understand the foundation of our organization.

To learn more, we invite you to read our Parent Guide.


Dear Parents:


Delta Gamma welcomes thousands of exceptional young women into membership each year at more than 145 college campuses throughout North America.  Delta Gamma’s purpose as stated in Article II of our Constitution:


The objects of this Fraternity shall be to foster high ideals of friendship among college women, to promote their educational and cultural interests, to create in them a true sense of social responsibility, and to develop in them the best qualities of character.


Promoting service, sisterhood, scholarship and leadership, Delta Gamma offers outstanding opportunities to its members, both collegiate and alumnae alike.


It is our pleasure to write to you about Alpha Pi chapter of Delta Gamma at The University of Arizona.  Our chapter is one of the oldest and strongest sororities on campus with 300+ active members. Many of our members are involved in activities outside of Delta Gamma; among these are Arizona Athletics, business and political clubs, dance, fashion internships, journalism broadcasting, modeling, acting and much more.  We have succeeded in accomplishing many of our chapter goals, including raising our cumulative GPA, engaging in more diverse campus involvement, and continuing to improve our philanthropic fundraising efforts.


New Member Education

Before your daughter is formally initiated into Delta Gamma Fraternity, she will experience a period of time referred to as the “New Member Program.”  The New Member Program is a 9-week program that prepares a new member for initiation.  It provides education on the Fraternity’s history, purposes, and expectations, and clarifies the privileges and responsibilities of lifelong membership.



Scholarship is taken seriously in Delta Gamma.  The Fraternity and the chapter work diligently to maintain the importance of scholastic achievements.  We incorporate the following programming into our chapter’s calendar to help motivate, support and recognize all of our members:

{C}·      {C}Members are able to attend study parties where individual’s in the same major are able to work together while being provided snacks and study tools

{C}·      {C}Women receive points based on GPAs that add into the chapter point system for room selections

{C}·      {C}All members that do exceptionally well with academics receive Chapter acknowledgement as well as awards

In order for any new member to be initiated to full member status, she must have a GPA of at least 2.5 at the time of Initiation.  Additionally, she must maintain a 2.5 GPA each term/2.5 cumulative to remain in good standing.


Any member whose term grade point average drops below the chapter GPA for good standing is considered in poor standing and must abide by the scholarship programming requirements:

{C}·      {C}Mandatory study hours

5 hours for women with a 2.0-2.5

7 hours for women with below a 2.0

{C}·      {C}Loss of social event privileges


Membership costs include fixed fees from the Fraternity and the local collegiate Panhellenic.  In addition, our collegiate chapter sets its own dues, which are voted on by the chapter membership annually.

The dues for a new member cover chapter dues, food (12 meals a week), social fees etc.  The total for the year is $3,313.71  

Resources for Parents

Delta Gamma Website: (Click on Family & Friends, then parents Info.)

Delta Gamma Anchor Marketplace:


Greek Life and Delta Gamma Terminology

New Members: Individuals who have recently joined Delta Gamma and who have not yet met the requirements for Initiation into the fraternity.

Initiation: Specific ceremony where new members become fully initiated member of Delta Gamma. 

Big/Little Sister: A buddy system in which new members of the chapter are paired with older members to help them navigate events and meetings.

Chapter Management Team (CMT): Elected officers who lead the chapter’s programming, recruitment, and administration efforts.

Greek Bill: Online billing, collection, and budgeting service

Honor Board: Chapter standards board that educates members, reinforces the Fraternity’s mission and purpose and enforces Delta Gamma policies as well as well as the chapter’s bylaws and standing rules.

Advisor: Led by the advisory team chairman (ATC), advisers are local alumnae members of Delta Gamma that assist chapter officers.

myDG: Online resource center and social network for Delta Gamma collegiate and alumnae members.


We are delighted your daughter will be initiated soon and we look forward to welcoming her as a new sister.  If you have any questions, please contact us.



Miranda Ault                                                    


Alpha Pi Chapter of Delta Gamma                          




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